Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Skin...

My skin tells you my story...no words are needed...I come from a City made of ink...where freedom starts in the mind, and outsiders look at us trying to figure out what we stand for...everyday we get closer to freedom...and each step of the way we capture the moment in our skin....our goals our failures our love and our pain.. You can see it all on my skin... No words are needed....the art speaks for itself..and only the ones like us will understand the hidden message....a pain of beauty touches my skin and the mind of the artist use me as a canvas...I tell the artist my story to inspire a spark of images in his mind...he can feel my words....those words turn into pictures...the pictures flow from his mind to his hands... Touching my skin turning my body into art.... An art that will only attract others like myself...and distant the negative ones with leak of understanding... My body is covered in a story... My story, the artist story....the story of life & dreams... And forever I will live in the City of Ink.

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Location:City of Ink

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Anonymous said...

Your words are beautiful Miya. As I read this I could actually visualize an expression of my own desire for freedom. I wish I could express so much more on my own body, just so I can tell people my story. Keep inspiring us.