Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday

I just finished for the night...4 minutes before 1am...the police has pulled over a dude down the street from the shop... So the lights are flashing in the shop windows... I walked my client and her girlfriend & friend to their car...she is a's her birthday and her girlfriend surprized her with 3 tattoos by me... It took allday... I usally just do 2 sessions per day but it was her bday...they drove 10 hours from DC... she has been wanting a tattoo from me for the past 4 years...and she was REALLY cool... Plus I was 15 min. late for work today... Thank you for the support and positive energy... Y'all were cool and enjoy your night....I hope y'all make it over to Magic City! Many blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...they're so blessed to have gotten away..we got hit with up to 30 in in some places.the whole DC Md n Va area is locked down. Its six am n I just woke up to finally restored power from yesterday n I'm warming up the rooms in the crib, we lost heat too! I'm telling you Miya , I'm following u on twitter now that I just open one. N I see how you be on ur GRIND for ur babies and I RESPECT that so much!more than u thinking and knowing ur client ws special u must always keep ur motivating seeds in da back of ur mind I'm sure , and I do believe that's how great artists like urself r able to push that amazing art into life for the world watching. The eyes are just piercing truly alive. These didn't scare me at all lol.. They showed peace and love..funny how a bday gift u give a stranger can turn into a. Peaceful n much needed gift for some of us. Keep working hard . Your wife , daughters moms n lil ones got ur back. It shows in ur passion n that's to be expected AND resected. Always a true fan ~S~

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am the friend. :-) It was a long for me, so I can only imagine how it was for you doing all that work. However, Miya you're one of the coolest, most positive individuals with whom I've ever had the chance to interact. Not to mention, you're an amazing artist all around, but especially when the human skin is your canvas. You almost make me want to get a tattoo. If I ever did, you'd be the only one I'll let do it. I can't wait for you to come to DC. Much love and respect to you from a new fan of yours. And I wish you continued success in the future. Take care!