Thursday, February 11, 2010

FEB.13 @ MJQ & FEB.26 @ COI

This is what I like to see BOTH groups from City of Ink performing at the same event... Sloppy Seconds is always a fun night at MJQ so this will be dope...I would like to hear Mach 5 & Hollyweerd do more songs together... Like how Outkast, Goodie Mob, & DJ use to do back in the days... 2 different sounds coming together like the X-Men! After listening to the Greedmont Park mixtape I think it would be an amazing sound... The Atlanta radio stations are really fucking up the Atlanta music scene... Only playing "trap" music so this show will be a perfect escape from the fast food bullshit music on the radio...MJQ is on Ponce if you didn't know... Support Atlanta hip-hop & the indie music scene

Also don't forget FEB.26 7pm-10pm City of Ink is hosting "Popular" an art show based on today's POP culture....if your an artist and want to enter your art the entry deadline is the 22nd... Drop you art off at City of Ink, call 404-525-4465 for more details....this is a very special art show because KIDROBOT is one of the sponsors.. Yall know I collect vinyl desiger toys so this is a dream come true to me thanks to Corey & Sophie's hard work...the art show starts at 7pm-10pm free admission, food, drinks, gifts, suprizes, LIVE art, music and of course the art is for sale and very affordable....

Yeahhh I know we have typos on the the NEW flyers will be at the shop this weekend... If your a FRIEND of mine, live in Atlanta, support the art scene, or just a want to help promote this art show please drop by and pick up some flyers...all help is welcomed in spreading the word about this special art show...I'm working on NEW paintings NOW and so are the rest of the COI we are very busy making sure the art is QUALITY for this event...many blessings yall and thanks again.... Let's CHANGE Atlanta using art & music... MB

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