Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "Popular" Flyers! FEB.26

The "Popular" Flyers are in!!

I just walked in City of Ink and picked up a stack of the art show flyers... My 3pm appointment was a "NO SHOW" (so he lose his deposit for not calling in advance) so I'm taking this free time to hit the streets and pass out flyers...a few artists in the show have dropped off their pieces already and they look AMAZING... Makes me want to step my game up even more for this event...I need all the promotion help I can get so if your in Atlanta drop by City of Ink and grab some flyers... We ordered 5000 of them... They were designed by Corey Davis.... I would like to thank all our sponsors for believing in the COI movement

Friday FEB.26 7pm-10pm art must be submitted by the 22nd

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Location:City of Ink: FEB.26

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