Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Snow

I was suppose to go to Asheville yesterday (today is my daughters 13th Birthday) this is my FIRST time ever missing any of my childrens birthdays so I'm feeling a lil down today... My dad said "Dont feel bad, she would rather have you alive than dead." I guess he has a point...since I took the day off work her bday I decided to go over to my art studio and work on my painting for FEB.26 "Pop Culture" art show...I really didn't know how bad it was outside until I tried to walk over to the store to pick up some blunts & masking I really messed up my Adidas in that snow...I got back to my art studio and started working on my art and ended up falling asleep... I called my wife to check in with her and she told me to just sleep there tonight because it's crazy outside... I just woke up.. Called my daughter and she understands because it snowing in Asheville also...I'm about to send her some money so she can go buy herself a laptop today or whenever the roads are safe enough to drive around up there in those NC mountains...daddy loves you, Egypt Bailey...Happy 13th Birthday Day....I will see you after the ice melts muahhhhhh!

The view I just woke up too...I forgot I wasn't at home... But my art studio is really warm, I hope everyone will be safe driving today... Be blessed yall

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Location:Castleberry Hill

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Anonymous said...

Man this snow has messed up things for a lot of people. Your daughter has a great father.