Sunday, February 28, 2010

For Sale $400

I'm hanging new art up in my art studio and some of these old paintings have to go to make room for my new stuff....if your in Atlanta and want to drop by my art studio.... I have this painting for sale "Love Again" and it's only $400... If you want to buy this original piece of art call or text me at 404-644-1912

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Location:Castleberry Hill


EeshBeesh said...

I love this painting! Are you ever going to set up anything where we can pay online and get the artwork mailed out?? I'm in DC :-(

Unknown said...

Yes I'm working on my online store right now.... A dope shopping cart.... Very very soon

EeshBeesh said...

Coool!!! I'm moving and I want lots of colorful art and u and ur artwork are so inspiring! I hope no one buys the "love again" piece before the site is up :-)