Friday, March 13, 2009


I'd like to thank you for taking the time out to answer my questions, I know your a very busy person and I have a great respect for art so please don't think I would ever write something to condemn what you do.

1 how much training do you have?
I was trained by Master Tattoo artist, Julia Alponsio formerly of West End tattoo in ATL for 3 years. It was the hardest thing I have ever did in my life. She is old school so she trained me the way it was suppose to be. I mopped a lot of floors, cleaned towels, cleaned windows, made stencils, made needlez, cleaned tubes, and made runs to the store for all the artists before me. It was very hard, you have to humble yourself. She was a good teacher I have no regrets. She helped save my life.

2 How much training do you actually need?
To be tattooist you need to know is how to tone your tattoo machine and follow a good stencil flash off the wall. To be a tattoo artist you much be a real artist with vision because tattoo artists only do custom work. We listen to ideas and create a visual for the client. A scratcher needs no training or can't get professional training before they are doing tattoo parties and house calls. They aren't professionals and they usally do cheap tattoos to under cut the professionally trained tattooists and tattoo artists.

3 Do you have any knowledge of the history of tattoos and Piercings?
Yes of course, that's the first part of your training. You can't call yourself a tattoo artists or tattooist without honoring the tattoo forefathers and knowing their history.

4 Do you have any tattoos?
Yes Im inked I look like a tattoo artist and my collection of body art will grow until I have no more room.

5 If so how many?
Tattoo artists can't count their ink that's like trying to count all the images in one mural.

6 Do you have children?
Yes I have 3 children (2 girls and a boy)

7 What do you intend to tell them when they ask for or about tattoos?
We talk about body art all the time. When they are 18 I want to ink them if they want them. If I can't tattoo them myself then I would send them to City of Ink. I only want the best artist on my childrens skin.

8 Do you have any tattoos if so how many?

9 how many tattoos do you do in a day?
I do 1-3 tattoos a day I work 10 to 13 hours each tattoo work day.

10 how many celebrities have you done tattoos for?
I don't drop names, I don't believe dropping my clients names for self promotion. But City of Ink usally handles the celebs so I can focus more on my appointments. I only tattoo Hollywood people when they follow my rules and book an appointment. If someone will wait for my art then Im honored to ink them and put 100% of my heart and soul in their piece. I don't like people who can't wait they don't inspire me. Don't use your money to break in line, respect those who have worked hard and set an appointment and waited for me.

11 What is the most the most significant tattoo you have ever done?
I guess its my Pulp Fiction backpiece, its been fun.

13 What would you say to some one that tells you that tattoos and Piercings are a desecration to the body?
I don't even talk to people who don't respect or honor art
They are not part of my world, so I keep that knowledge to myself. Let some dumb people stay dumb.

14 Has anyone ever come back complaining of an infection or other illness from receiving a tattoo or piercing?
HELL NO..I was professionally trained and I work at City of Ink. Only the best in safety for our clients.

15 what is the most extreme tattoo you have ever done?
Extreme to ME is when people get their boyfriends names tattooed on them...that's just crazy to me.

16 what is the most extreme tattoo you have ever seen?
Nothing is extreme to an artist...extreme to me are name tattoos and praying hands. The same stuff people were getting in the 90's are just crazy to me.

17 What kind of educational background do you have?
I went to college at A.I.A that's where I met my business partner, Tuki Carter and Samba our shop manager.

18 Tattooing has recently become very popular among teenagers, how do you safe guard against tattooing a minor?
We follow the same laws and rules all the other professional shops follow. We copy the state I.D. and have legal paperwork.

19 What advice would you have for a child who is dead set on getting one?
Your still growing research the artform and wait until your 18 or 21 years old and it will be worth the wait but do RESEARCH and look for your perfect artist so when you turn the legal age in your state you will have more knowledge of real tattooing is all about.

20 have you reached your set career goal?
No way, I want to open an City of Ink tattoo shop & Art Gallery in every major city in America. I also want to start a film and publishing company. Once my book is in stores they will clearly understand what the City of Ink Movement is really about.

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AssertiveWit said...

#13 was a good question to ask...I get so tired of random people offering their opinion to me about how tattoos are so disrespectful to the about you shut the fuck up and mind your business because no one asked you what you thought about what form of art I choose to honor? fuck outta here...

good interview and good answer Miya!