Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I want to get some new ink,....

I'm in the mood for some good ole tattoo I don't really like pain but it is worth the art. I have been reading alot of vampire comic books and graphic novels and their story is sexy, passionate, beautiful, sad, dark, and just inspiring to me. We all have a dark side its human nature, but I believe that dark side can be beautiful in many ways. These dark thoughts have inspired some of the worlds best movies, art, music, etc....but something about the vampire's dark story moves me. Since I miss alot of my daytime working at City of Ink I miss the sun and outdoors. The only time I get to hang with my friends are at night so I can relate. And all my friends live the same lifestyle I do because they are also tattoo artists,
musicians, or DJ's. So I think I want to get a sexy vampire girl with some nice lips, fangs, on some goth style Foxy Brown shit....yeahhh, some 70's old school flick type shit.

I also have an idea for something special for my father, mother, and my Uncle Bert. I think about my uncle often. He's fighting some inner demons right now and I pray for his life often. I just want him to know I still love him deeply and that he inspired my life in both good and bad ways but I needed both to help mold me into the man I am regrets, I love you Uncle I have to get a tattoo just for you.

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AssertiveWit said...

now where in the hell you gone put another tattoo? you look like you been ran out of space LOL

I actually had that Pam Grier picture as my desktop picture on my computer at home...she's so fly to me.

I have TONS of vampire books, graphic novels/comic books. DC Comics did one with Batman where he killed Dracula and actually became a vampire himself...pretty good storyline. I'll let you borrow it if you like...