Saturday, March 28, 2009

C.O.I. still doing $40 Walk-ins.....

City of Ink is doing a $40 Tattoo WALK-IN Special from 1pm-10pm. 100% CUSTOM tattoos...we never copy, one of a kind personal tattooing...drop by and enjoy the vibe of The City of Ink


MIKE J. said...

I wanted to come thru this coming Monday to get a new one or get one I already have re-worked. So walk-in clients are the only ones to take advantage of the 40.00 recession special? Or does it make a difference with a scheduled appointment?

Also, I been in touch with Kevin-Mr.Soul regarding redesigning my website and blog but he has not been back in touch with me. We emailed and talked over the phone about the details but it's been like 4 days or so and no reply emails or returned calls. Let him know Mike J. waiting to hear back from him, I'm trynna make moves.

I know your an incredible artist yourself with a tite craft for your artistry from looking at your portfolio pics so, if I don't hear back from him soon I'll check other options. Let me know!

Unknown said...

The $40 special is for WALK-INS customers ONLY...and all questions will be answered in person..thats why we call it the walk-ins beings foot traffic to the shop and gives people a chance to get custom artwork without a long waiting list.

and Mr. Soul is working on a few projects and get A LOT of email and calls per day..he like to answer all his email and phone calls in drop by COI or wait around until he frees up...once he starts a project his is 100% into it....let him know your spending budget on this know the old saying "money talks" and he is a business man...drop by and get special!