Friday, March 20, 2009

INKED Magazine page's our turn!

Go to Borders books or Barnes & Nobles and pick up the lastest April issue of INKED Magazine. The City of Ink is featured on page 100-101. Props to Adam for writing a dope 2 page spread about our movement in ATL...we are honored, and thankful for this moment. Mr. Soul got a call from Goldi Gold and said that Borders on Ponce has the new INKED magazine on sale right now. We are the first all black artist staff (and first Atlanta tattoo shop) to be featured in the pages of INKED magazine.

PS..Mel-Man aka Melvin Todd from The City of Ink is also featured in the new issue of URBAN INK magazine. I haven't seen his article yet, but I'm excited for the young man. I can't wait to see his plaque hanging up on the walls of C.O.I. Sophie just did your interview with Urban Ink a few days be on the look out for your feature in that magazine next month (I think)...but for now go support us and pick up the new INKED issue (page 100-101) and the lastest Urban Ink magazine featuring Melvin Todd.

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