Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whats the catch???

Alot of people have dropping by City of Ink for the $40 special. This special is for 20-25 min. of freehand custom tattooing, but some people are trying to abuse this offer and my team has been getting upset because people have really be trying to get HOURS of tattooing for $40, some even wanted to get cover-ups for $40...and thats not going to happen. I guess people don't understand the big picture. I created this offer so I can introduce my team to Atlanta. Since it's a recession and before Xmas I wanted to do something special for the people and my staff. It's like a drug dealer giving samples of their drugs for free, then the customer comes back for more building up a clientele. We are all differen artist some of us work faster than others, so it's NOT about SIZE but all about TIME...20-25 min. of custom SOUL for only $40, thats beautiful! Even I have jumped in and did a few $40 tattoos. A few of my midwest appointments canceled because of the layoffs so I had a few free hours to take a few walk-ins myself. I haven't done a $40 tattoo in YEARS, so it's not easy for me to do the smaller stuff..I can do a fine art style black & grey piece in 25 min. no problem, but please don't try to get over on me, if you keep it real with me, I will always give you more than what you paid for...I just LOVE art and making people happy in this time of struggle and recession.


Unknown said...

now that's what's up

AssertiveWit said...

some people just try to get something for nothing...I value art too much to even attempt some foolishness like this...everyone in the shop is SUPER talented so I understand the frustration...all the work I've ever gotten done there was worth far more than $40 so they are getting a deal from the moment they step foot in the door. Good luck though!!!!

Jia said...

I love this tattoo. I REALLY love it!!