Saturday, December 27, 2008


Have you ever loved someone enough to know when it's time to let that person go so they can be happy with someone else? Love is an emotion words can not explain. It feels good and it hurts like hell. Over time love changes and people grow apart. You just want to see them smile again even if your no longer the person making them smile. You just want to see them happy again no matter what. Love is letting them go so they can grow as a person and to do their own soul searching. Maybe another person can put their heart at ease and their mind at peace. Goodbyes are painful..and birth is painful but needed...BOTH are needed.


AssertiveWit said...

love is such an enigma in itself...

The T-Shirt Lady said...

I looked in the dictionary for the meaning of love but the definition is by far defined by the individual. I think we all been at a fork in the road in our lives when it concerned love. "Decisions should be made based on your heart and not the emotions of love"


Some Live Because Of Love
Some Cry Because Of Love
Some Abuse Because Of Love
Some Hurt Because Of Love
Some Laugh Because Of Love
Some Run Because Of Love
Some Stay Because Of Love
Some Smile Because Of Love
Some Grow Because Of Love
Some Love Because Of Love


What Is Love Doing Because Of “You”?