Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stic Man (Dead Prez) Speaking on Obama and America

I remember buying the first Dead Prez cd in the 90's and I was in love with the message. Years later Tuki tattooed Stic Man over at City of Ink. I later met Stic through my brother Mike Flo (of The RBG Family). I will be tattooing Stic VERY soon and I will post the photos for yall. I have been curious to hear what Stic had to say about Obama.. I know Mike's opinion on the new prez elect. So I was hoping they would give the brother a chance to prove himself in office first..here is a video I found today and it's always good to hear Stic's opinion the world, America, our black, the struggle...and of course a blackman winning the election...so here you go...UHURU!!!

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