Thursday, December 4, 2008

How can you get a $40 TATTOO by Miya Bailey???

It's a recession and we all need to relax some stress, so we are opening the doors for people to come and hang out with the staff of City of Ink....listen to come good music, check out the art gallery, grab some drinks at Slice or 255 Lounge...OR get a small tattoo for ONLY $40 by some of the BEST artists in ATL.

I have appointments BUT if you WALK IN and I'm not busy with an appointment I will even do a $40 tattoo for you....we want the people to understand that we feel your struggle and we don't want to break your pockets around Xmas...I can't tattoo everyone so I would ATL to support my team at City of Ink.

Alot of time people come in asking for me, Tuki, or Corey....but there are 4 other AMAZING artists I would like to introduce to this scene. And if they are working at City of Ink then you KNOW they are good.....

Please do not abuse this $40 walk-in deal....don't try to get a sleeve or a tattoo that will take over an hour for $40...respect the artist and show them love and support.

EVERYONE is welcomed at City of ink (and you never know when will be filming) so be fresh and artist we feed off your energy.

I will not be answering any detailed questions about what a $40 tattoo looks will have to come INTO City of ink to ask me ANY questions...thats why it's called the "WALK-IN SPECIAL" talk to me face to face, and ask me any questions you like....

Samba (shop manager) opens City of Ink at 1pm....we lock the doors at 10pm and work the whole night away.

for directions to CITY OF INK, just call 404-525-4INK (4465)

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AssertiveWit said...

good incentive to get people in the know I'll come in $40 tatt or not...I love you guys/gals work!!! Truly GREAT artists!