Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is "Black Art"??

Check out my lastest short interview..on the topic of "Black Art" a lot of people confuse me with doing "black art" because I'm black...but my subject matter is dream, love and imagination...I guess that would confuse people who don't really LOOK at the art and study what I'm trying to do...just check out the video...I will be doing weekly video blogs so be on the look out for the youtube channel "Miya Bailey"


Anonymous said...

great photography/filmography!!! the jazz makes it that much more smooth... :)

EarthAngel172 said...

"How many black people you know buying black art?"

So, so true.

Writer's Ink said...

You made such a strong point in such little time. Thats one thing I admire about you; your ability to say what you feel without "beating around the bush."

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't think real artists should allow themselves to be culturally/ethnically bound. Even if you reflect the culture in which you were brought up...the spirit within you that gave you that vision is cultureless, raceless, the manifestation of God's power working through you creatively. You don't (or at least shouldn't) try to classify God in terms of race/ethnicity, so why do it to an artist?