Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Return of OLD Atlanta

Sunday felt like Atlanta again.... I miss old Atlanta...the vibe, the beautiful people, the love for southern culture, real music and art....Atlanta lose it's "soul" once Black Hollywood took over the city....without Outkast, Goodie Mob, and others feeding the city that soul food we need, Atlanta is only a shell of what it use to be....one thing I can see is the hustler spirit didn't die with the soul... Sunday me and my family went to "House in the Park" an event where DJ's come spin house music in the park... It felt like Club Kaya again.... People were dancing and enjoying Atlanta again.... It was a good positive vibe.... Even the police was in a good mood....no matter how many changes Atlanta go though.... This city has been very good to me... I love Atlanta and I thank y'all for havin "House in the Park" again....it's felt perfect... Lots of love!!

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Cicely Joi said...

This entry was perfect timing. I was just telling a coworker (a transplant from Baltimore that doesn't emerge from the Va-Hi area and definitely never goes OTP) about this festival and how I haven't felt a vibe like that in a LONG LONG TIME. I wish he could have experienced it so he could see the Atlanta that I know and love. I read the blog entry to him because I couldn't have said it better...thanks.


Anonymous said...

i was here too and had a ball.

-Maurice Garland

Anonymous said...

I was there and it was great! I am in love with beautiful crowns of locks, and they were EVERYWHERE in the park. I hope you'll check my photos whenever I finally post them to my damn blog!