Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lastnight @Apache Cafe Cafe "Paper Frank"

Lastnight I needed to be inspired so I went to the Apache cafe for "Art Mondays" to support the 19 year old artist (rooted from Asheville) Paper Frank....a young, fresh, comic style vibe that reminds of me the earlier works of Dosa & Corey Davis with a twist of Japanese anime...what I like most about this young man is his drive...he came to me months ago and I gave him all the advice I had in how to create a buzz in the Atlanta art scene.... And he is following the blue print...knowing business is just as important as the art you create...If he keeps going hard you will see a lot more from this young man... Much respect... Let's support young artists... let's help keep these kids off the street.... Being an artist is a CAREER.

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Location:Apache Cafe

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