Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today....BET Hip-Hop Awards

Today was cool, I got to see how an award show is ran...I got to see Kid-n-Play dance together again... That was dope...Jay-z did his thing with ease....even the Goodie Mob performed, felt like Atlanta for a second. They had me sitting next to "Pretty Rick" now you know that was funny.... Lol...right now I'm at Vice (formerly The Royal) chillin with my boy, Jinx... Drinking a beer... The DJ is playin some Big Pun, and we about to smoke a blunt so I'm out yall... Be blessed and safe Hollywood parties for me tonight...peaceeeee

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Anonymous said...

Seems like u had a lot of fun!! Wish I could have been there...u was fresh too huh them shoes!!

Anonymous said...

aaawww thats ws up!!!
Eva is a TRUE friend and it shows cos she respects and remembers people!
looks like yall had a ball :)