Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Flight to Washington, DC

Today I flew to DC to do a guest spot at was a cool flight...I love seeing my other tattoo family... The energy in their shop and the people always inspires I decided to pull out the old sketchbook....and just let the art do what it do...I only had a brown 005 micron ink pen and got to work.... I did 2 pieces, a drawing inspired by Jay-Z and another drawing inspired by a girl I know who will lie to get her way with men... For some reason bad girls have been inspiring a lot of my new art...maybe I need to change my circle or maybe I should meet new people and balance out my surrounds...but being a tattoo artist the only peope I really know are my clients... Not all of them are so-called bad girls but they always seem to have the most interesting stories...I'm in Tuki's hotel room right now looking at TV....he fell asleep so I'm about to head to my room and do some reading...or maybe even blog again... Who knows

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Anonymous said...

ei, welcome back, Chris told me about your visit here, love the airborne inspired sketches... I will try to stop by and visit,Im going to your home town this friday eve into sat am in NC (well Goldsboro) to visit my heart, but perhaps when I get back I can stop by, since I wk during the week. Your tat proudly sits all the way on my left shoulder now! talk about it moving! she's a beutiful angel to me now with that pencil,even though I too lately have been struggling , I read your previous post, nice pic btw, you look like you were bout to get it in if needed , uh man?..
Lucky for you the weather broke, dont get sick while you're here, embrace the city nights,listen to the people and remember that your clients and friends, may have the best stories , or most interesting, but the gift you give us, is GIVING us a part of YOUR soul's story permamently drawn onto us, helping us sometimes live out new chapters because of the images we now carry. As silly as it may sound to some, I dont give a fuck, its important! thats why I want you to use my bare back and go to town with that ink! IM SERIOUS MIYA! , shit I'll even come by this week and put down a deposit so you dont think Im bs-ing you!
eat good, we got that virus shit going around~ IMMA SEE YOU AT THE SHOP!

Harold The Encourager said...


rhythm said...

"inspire your city." i love it.

Don said...

Your artistic skills are SICK! Greatness, if ever I've witnessed greatness.

Wanna said...

Being inspired by anything can be seen as a blessing. These bad girls that inspire you are a gift to us especially if they are giving you new ideas. You are a creative brother who have influenced, and inspired so many other brothers who might have just chilled in the cut, instead they take that leap. What you take from the people around you is up to you. I totally agree you have to have a balance. So have it and continue to gift us with your work. Loving the sketches!