Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alone Time....

Being surrounded by people almost 24 hours a day can get to me at I walk or jump on the train to be alone.. To reflect on my life.. To daydream... To clear my mind... To plan business moves... To think of new ideas for art...some people don't like being alone, I wish I could relate to that but I can't... I have a family, own a business, have a lot of staff members & friends so quiet time is very I walk, dream, create in my mind... Dreamland is a place for my human's 2:18pm and my first tattoo appointment is at 3pm so I'm about to jump in the shower and walk over to City of Ink... I will blog more later yall

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Anonymous said...

I've written so many poems on da dcmetro train system...I miss those days....I'm mad I didn't get to stop by n see u.glad to see u. Gpt
To see ur lil girl for her bday... My oldest is just 12 N we can hug at eye level ...he's wearing a shoe size of 10 N hAlf... Seems like yesterday when
His whole lil foot fit into my whole small hand....