Monday, October 12, 2009

The Foreign Exchange - "I Wanna Know"

I have been a fan of Little Brother for many years now...Being from North Carolina myself I'm very proud of these brothers...a few years ago I did an interview with and they asked me which rappers would I like to tattoo, I said Rapper Big Pooh & Phonte and of course Outkast...well I never got a chance to tattoo Outkast, but I did get to tattoo Big Pooh and last year I was back stage at Sugahill for the Foreign Exchange show and ran into Phonte...Phonte, asked everyone to leave the backstage but said "Miya Bailey? I'm a big fan for you work." He let me stay backstage and we talked for a sec before he hit the stage...they had an amazing show that night..and I was even more proud to be from North Carolina...If you know about Little Brother and Phonte's band "The Foreign Exchang" check out this video....Phonte, I got you when you ready..much respect bruh...keep creating ORIGINAL music.

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