Friday, September 19, 2008

Today is Tuki Carter's 33rd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tuki!!!

Today is Tuki's bday. So if your in ATL drop by City of Ink tonight. After everyones last tattoo for the night, we will be having some drinks at the shop. After that we will be heading over to the club, MJQ (on Ponce). Everyone 21 and over are welcomed to drop by for a few drinks, chill out with Tuki, me, and City of Ink and follow us over to Ponce. If you like good music and tired of hearing all that radio bullshit, then MJQ on friday nights is the place to be. I will see yall at the shop tonight, call 404-525-4465 for info about Tuki's Bday.


AssertiveWit said...

have fun and be safe!!!

Goldi gold said...

The man put the smack down on me at the J.o but hope everything was everything last night