Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Edible Phat Mixtape : CHAPTER ONE

Some of yall might know there are many sides of the "City of Ink Movement" and this also includes music. From Hollyweerd to Corey and Aware's group, Mach 5. Alot of hip-hop and music group leak on the visual side of the music industry. Remember when tapes and cd covers had DOPE art and amazing music videos. Now all you see are video hoes and "rappers" who really think they street niggaz on BET. I want to introduce yall to 4 of my family members and their video to the first song of their mixtape "Edible Phat". The genuis behind creating these music videos is my homeboy, Justin. I met Justin when we was trying to get City of Ink together. He came over to my house to get a tattoo done by me before COI opened up. When I first met him I thougt he was just a photographer but later on I found out he was also a graphic artist, fashion designer, and into video making (and he also has an amazing collection of RARE music by Prince). Check out this video this is CHAPTER ONE...there will be a video for each song on the mixtape. If you want to download the Edible Phat Mixtape, just go to: (and its FREE)

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