Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Ink brother, Juan Carlos....PROPS!

I'm very proud of tattoo artist, Juan Carlos (of Marked Tattoos). Over 7 years ago I met him though my close friend, DJ Wildlife. I ended up doing a tattoo in honor of his mother on his back. Since Juan was an artist I tried to talk him into letting me train him in tattooing but he was strong into the graffiti scene at that time. A few years later Tuki talked him into joining us over at our private Prophet Art Studio on Peachtree St. Tuki hired Juan, and we both started training him in both of our styles in our own way. Later Corey Davis joined us and we opened, Mitchell Street Customs. On Mitchell St. I seen Juan's tattoo style grown into it's own. When Juan left the nest to tattoo on his own I knew it would be good for him. He would learn more about the business side of tattooing. He would meet all the snakes and liars in this business and come out on top as one of the most popular tattoo artist in the urban tattoo scene. Now Juan is touring with Lil' Wayne and has been featured in Urban Ink & Blender magazine. I love you bruh...reach for the top and NEVER stop. You are a tattoo artist and there is no life like it in the world. Me and Tuki VERY proud of you and we are happy that you have now started your own tattoo family with Marked (Juan, Trevor, & Joe) Many blessings!

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Goldi gold said...

that's gangsta!!!!! I missed his artshow. Tuki told me it was hot!!!!