Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rebel 8: HAPPY ENDINGS Wallet

Last week I walked into "True" a nice clothing store I visited on Haight Street in Frisco...Samba bought a DOPE Rebel 8 Nu Era fitted hat...they didn't have my size so I was sad about that...but I will order one off the rebel 8 website...but I spotted a few wallets in the glass showcase...and I seen 3 rebel 8 wallets...they were only $26 dollars and all the designs were amazing...most of yall know Mike Giant is my favorite artist of all I pick the "Happy Endings" wallet...watching Mike Giant brand his company and name over the years is very inspiring to me (I heard he started his comopany with only $500)...from his clothing, stickers, wallets, skateboards, and hats....this man is more than an artist but a businessman....he has laid down the blueprint on how all artist can get PAID!

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