Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting there....

I have been hard at work, trying to finish up my book "Before I'm Gone: The Art & Life of Miya Bailey" and getting my art studio together... Tonight I put together a desk my mother bought me for my bday...this new desk will be used for my water colors.... I have been working on a few new styles using different mediums.....I also have a drawing desk from Ikea today that will be used for large illustration work.... I will give yall a sneak preview of my new work very are a few update pics from my art studio:

These pieces are from Marvel Comics....I'm a HUGE X-Men fan!

My homie, Justin Huff gave me this piece... I love this photography, graphics, & art

My son, Prophet Ayim Bailey did this painting for me when he was 5 years old... I love it

An artist by the name "Blessed" did this oil painting of me and my wife years ago... I got it hanging by the door across from Prophet's painting to always remind why I work so hard... My family is everything to me.. We are "The Bailey Family"

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Anonymous said...

remembering what you work hard for becomes the "fix" that we sometimes need to inject ourselves with, to maintain our sanity when the world gets to be too heavy. thats the truth right there. the place looks huge! congratulations again, you ARE getting there, look how far you've come already and the finish line wont look as far as it may in ur thoughts.:)