Friday, March 12, 2010

My Birthday

I had one of best birthdays of my life... I usally don't even celebrate my bday like that...last year I flew out to San Fran with Demanye & Sophie and worked a tattoo convention on my birthday to just get away from Atlanta and focus on my career and build up my bay area following...this year I stayed in Atlanta...I woke up and decided I wanted to spend the whole day hanging out with my son, Prophet... My wife gave me some money to go shopping so me and Prophet got ready jumped on the train and went to Little 5 Points..... I bought this dope mental robot made of screws, spoons, and other mental items... I'm a big fan of this artists work, I also bought 2 new vinyl designer toys

Me and Prophet ate at the Little 5 Points Traven and ran into Tuki at Mood Records where he was doing some promotional work for Hollyweerd for their limited edition tees.... Tuki gave me a dope forest green t-shirt....we then hit up Lenox mall and I bought a few more things for my art studio...after all that walking I was hungry again and I haven't seen my wife allday so we decided to have dinner all together at No Mas in Castleberry Hill.... They have some of the best Mexican food in Atlanta....I needed to get something on my stomach because I was hooking up with my boys later to go see the Mach Five show in East Atlanta...after dinner Tashia dropped me off at Fabian's "Art Battle" when I got to the art gallery all of my friends were there and I got a lot of bday love... It felt good

The battle was fun... It ended with one of my favorite artists "Charlie Palmer" battling Michi it was funny as hell... Mr. Palmer was dressed like a pimp! And Michi was a character called "King Cotton"

They battled and Palmer dropped a "coon" type painting on Michi.... I was laughing my ass off.... Much love to both artists, that watermelon piece is classic!

The battle was over, and it was time for the Mach Five show...I saw Kevin so he said I could ride over there with him... I told eveyone goodbye and we jumped in the car heading to East Atlanta

Once I got to the Mach Five show everyone brought me a drink... I knew I was going to get drunk...I ended up losing count of all the shots I took, and how many drinks I had....I was twisted ( but I didn't throw up) I do remember seeing Corey & Aware "Mach Five" hit the stage

By this time I was super drunk...and we all ended up at Tuki's loft and smoked out...I passed out for a sec, then walked my ass home to sober up.... It was a perfect night and I thanks my wife, son, family and friends for making my day..... I love yall!

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