Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rick Ross was NOT arrested at City of Ink...THE REAL VIDEO

Rick Ross was NEVER arrested or even handcuffed...the police didn't even talk to him...all the rumors are FALSE....the only person handcuffed (NOT ARRESTED) just handcuffed was Chris Carter, asst. manager at City of Ink...it was only a NOISE COMPLAINT. The reported created a story just to make the news....he should be FIRED for making up fairy tales, REAL reporters don't make up stories....The only reason the police came by was because Rick Ross's tour bus was parked out front and it was left running, so it woke up some of the people living in the area (we sorry for the noise yall)...Rick Ross thanks for supporting City of Ink.

Here's the REAL VIDEO...and Chris is wayyy to skinny to be Rick Ross..lol So how the hell this that reporter mix up Chris and Rick Ross...I guess niggaz all look alike..lol

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