Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Friday @ City of Ink

Last Friday was a beautiful day in City of Ink history. Corey Davis had his first solo art show. I have uploaded a lot of the photos on my facebook page. I'm very proud of Corey, I have watched this kid grow into a young man and a marketing genius. His art show was filled with people of all ages, races, and was a very balances show. He had these japanese beers, so I was feeling GOOD...congratz Corey Davis, I hope you inspired Samba, Chris, Melvin, and Sophie to also do solo art show...lets see.

and Tuki Carters FIRST SOLO art show will be on Sat. Sept.19 (his bday)

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ReadMindz said...

corey's work and his pleasent attitude is contagist so I expect the others to get it together eventually. I glad to see unique art hiting it big once again. Keep the scene alive.