Thursday, April 2, 2009

PLAYBOY Magazine has listed City of Ink on their "A-LIST" for BEST Tattoo Shop!

Playboy Magazine has listed City of Ink as one of the best tattoo shop on their "A-LIST" of tattoo shops....we are HONORED and thankful to Playboy magazine and the writer Jason for believing on out movement...things are changing for us and we are blessed, humbled and thankful for ALL the support from all over the world...

Check out the link from Playboy magazine:

This is what Playboy wrote about us:

While everyone and their soccer mom focuses on tattoo TV shows, the African-American tattoo world is undergoing an under-the-radar renaissance. As high-profile inked hip-hop stars grab the mike, a legion of artists are grabbing tattoo machines and pushing the art forward. Atlanta's City of Ink is one shop at the center of the evolution. Owners Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter relocated the shop from North Carolina with a plan to re-think the way they approached the art of tattooing. (Namely, no more gangster imagery.) The bright pink and purple shop includes a resident DJ who drops beats as Bailey, Carter and resident artists Corey Davis, Chris McAdoo, Melvin Todd, Ant and Sophie lay down everything from comic book art to spiritual images, all bursting in color. The shop's rep and vibe have attracted Usher, Young Jeezy and other stars who come in to cruise the shop's art gallery and spend time getting inked. Don't worry—they can handle any skin type, even pasty white boy.

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