Saturday, June 4, 2011

Q&A w/ Miya Bailey: PART 6

Miya Bailey talks about the features he loves most on a woman and how he feels about child's decision to drop out of school.

Miya Bailey QnA pt. 6 from artemus jenkins on Vimeo.

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Loli said...

Staying for the first 2 years, when you're taking different classes and learning about perspectives & experiences outside of your own, is not a waste of time/money. Staying those other 2 years working on core classes for a degree you won't use is a definite waste. Anyone thinking of leaving because college isn't for them...should do so before that junior year. But yeh, I agree that you should definitely have a plan if you're going to leave, and your parents helping you shouldn't be Plan B.

Thanks for sharing, Miya.

Mia Wells said...

This is a great postt thanks