Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Production Notes: Miami Edition

Miya Bailey and Artemus Jenkins travel down I-95 to catch up with the legendary Gino of Illustrated Ink and Freddy aka Mystical of My Tattooshop.

Production Notes: Miami Edition from artemus jenkins on Vimeo.

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Loli said...

I appreciate Mystikal's perspective because that's really how it is. A person is more likely to come back if they feel like they got good quality for a decent/low price, than low quality for a cheap/decent price. Tattoos are expensive no matter how much they cost financially because people will judge you for having them...Or even when we wake up one day and everybody has tattoos, they will judge you for having cheap-looking/lame shit. I consider myself pretty tatted...and I look at other people's ink that's low-quality or lame. So I appreciate where Gino's coming from, as far as giving people that outlet to get better ink without having to travel outside of their familiar area.

Thanks for sharing!



AzzyJackson said...

I would love to see the full piece in person I am a huge fwm..started tattoo almost tears ago and I gotta say I'm planning on traveling to yu really really soon maybe even this week...yu and miss Jackie from new Orleans are Mii only wishes I have to have yur art yu work is simply uplifting and inspiring everytime I understudy yur work...I'm well known for Mii freehand work and yu really motivate Mii to keep pushing cuz I kno I can or wish to b just as yu r...I'm just sayin Lmao sorry didn't mean to post this much...but I have to get in contact with yu i would love to be taught bii yu only one session would b a dream come true...

AzzyJackson said...

Lmao sorry typo been tattin for almost two years now!!! Now!!
I will pay for custom I'm highly interested!!!!