Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miya Bailey & Zulu in LA

Wednesday in LA I got to tattoo one of my Heros in the tattoo industry, "Zulu" back in 1997-98 I wrote him an email about how he inspired me to take my tattooing way more serious as a career... he was the first black tattoo artist to get press world wide... This brother was international when I was still playing around in the streets... It was an honor to ink him and it was also an honor to have him star in "Color outside the Lines" having him be apart of my first film is a milestone in my life.... And to tattoo him...amazing... Thank you, Zulu for believing in me and proving we can do anything if you believe and focus....many blessings, MB

Photo by artemusjenkins.com

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TokyoThirteen Arts said...

Super Dope..Congrats!

Loli said...

That is a very dope piece you did for Zulu. I'm so glad you were able to have him as a part of your film project.