Saturday, May 14, 2011

Classic MB "Ankh" Tattoo

I took it wayyyy back to my tattoo roots again...I did my first ankh in 1993... They became very popular in the urban community around 1995... I took a break from doing them because they became a trend...but I decided to bring them back after tattooing Zulu out in LA and Erykah Badu promoting me on twitter... It might be a sign.... It was my very first tattoo.... 360 degrees

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nicole said...

I know I told you this a thousand times but THANK YOU!! I keep up with your blog and know you dont do a lot of ankh's but thank you so much for doing this, my mom recently passed and this symbol of life is for her. I LOVE it. I want to add on to it somehow so don't be surprised if I'm in your chair again soon.