Monday, April 18, 2011

Goodbye NYC... Until next time

I want to thank everyone who booked an appointment with me in means a lot to me and my family...much respect to Complex magazine & UK's Tattoo Revolution for the interviews...I got a few numbers from building owners.. So I hope to get a location soon for the NYC: City of Ink....a country boy coming to the city and making money is a dream come true...the art I did up here took me back in time....I love this city and I always leave here inspired...but I'm ready to get back to the South and see my children and family now... I miss flight leaves at 4pm so I'm about to pack my stuff and get ready... Atlanta here I come... I have a long night ahead of me... I have to finish my painting for the art show Wednesday @ City of Ink... It's the "420" art show!! I'm excited about it...

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