Monday, April 18, 2011

420 Art Show @ City of Ink

This Wednesday from 7pm-11pm we are having the 420 art show...all art inspired by the "420" culture & lifestyle.... You don't have to be a smoker to enjoy this art show... Art is art... And expression is freedom so be there... It's FREE!! I know y'all not doing anything on Wednesday so bring y'all asses down to City of Ink.. Get inspired and stuck up some positive energy... 7pm-11pm... After the art show I might see wassup with MJQ ain't been in a long time.... Are wed's still poppin' there? I'm out the loop lol either way... City of ink will be a party.. Full of beautiful creative people... Now time to head back to ATL and finish up my 420 painting! See y'all there...MB

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shaawbrothaunz said...

cant wait for it.i been plannin my week around this