Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tattoos by Chris McAdoo @ City of Ink

One of City of Ink's founders... Chris Mcadoo has FINALLY launched his website...y'all know I'm excited about this one... Y'all always see me write about Corey, Melvin, Sophie... But Chris has been focusing mostly on his music career...we had a sitdown and told him "to use balance and treat ALL your talents equally" I think he understand the point and yesterday his new tattoo website went up. Lastnight Chris also gave me a sneak preview of his first solo album (Corey Davis been telling me it was a DOPE project but I had to listen to it myself) he did an amazing job... The music fits his lifestyle perfectly.. And he really paints pictures with his words.. They are felt... Chris music sounds pure... NOW if we can only get Chris McAdoo painting AGAIN (4th Annual COI Art show Feb.25) He was always one of my favorite painters..would love to see him attack a canvas the sameway he attacks the mic.... Y'all check out Chris's website out:

To book Chris McAdoo for a tattoo appointment please call: 404-525-4465 1pm-10pm or drop by for a walk-in @ 323 Walker Street, Atlanta GA 30313

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