Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Icons by Jim Lee

I was in the comic book store the other day and saw a book from my favorite comic book artist "Jim Lee" I have been following his work since the 90's when he was the artist for X-Men... I collect anything this man does... I only wish he would go back to Marvel Comics with his talent... I'm not a fan of DC comics I can't front.. I was raised on would be a dream come true if he returned back to X-Men again...but I can't be picky so if I have to buy a DC comic just to see the art of Jim Lee so be it... I wanted to buy his book "Icons" but I'm saving up money to open the Brooklyn & DC City of Ink stores... So I had to cut back on my comic books, magazines, sneakers, and even weed...the things we have to give up to stay focused on your dreams & goals... If this book popped up at the shop for me it would REALLY make my day... Hint if your a fan of amazing comic book art... Check out Jim Lee's ICONS. That pencil drawing cover is just beautiful to me!

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