Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos by CP the Artist

CP the Artist hit me up asking me if he could shoot a few photos of what inspire him... I was honored to find out I was one of the people who inspires him... I'm humbled and thankful you see me in that way bruh....I can't see what other see in me at all...its usally strangers that tell me the good things... The people most close to you don't tell you those things because their use to seeing your ass lol here are a few photos CP took of me... Be blessed bruh

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Location:Peters Street


AssertiveWit said...

I tell myself every day that I have to get over my anti social behavior because it is the people who are not used to me that seem to appreciate me the most :)

if no one told you today, just know, you're all kinds of awesome...even when no one is telling you!

Anonymous said...

Please accept the adoration you get from people who don't know you! I'm not saying accept the "groupies". Take a good word for what it is and let it build you up when the people who are closer to you are bringing you down. God puts those people in your path for a reason. Who cares if they don't "know" you? They saw the light in you enough to pause and squint... ya dig? The people who love you (or you love) the most hurt you the most. That's when you need the kind words of strangers.

So accept it, smile, and carry on.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the love yall :-)

cptheartist said...

It was my Honor Bruh. Thank you