Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eatting in Asheville

Yesterday I was in Asheville NC and came across this spot called "Modesto" I wanted to try something new to eat... So I ordered a glass of wine and a dish called "Black Rabbit" it's rabbit wrapped in noodles covered in was REALLY good... If y'all visit downtown Asheville and want to try sonething NEW...make sure you stop by, Modesto... You will love it

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Tanasha said...

Rabbit?! And your puppies names Rabbit?! Lol, sounds good though. I like the name of the restaurant specially since I live in Modesto, CA ..

Wanna said...

Being from the south, and my dad has hunt rabbit, I have never tasted it. Now if they were to hide it in a sauce like this I might have. I will take your word on this one, not saying I would not go to Modesto just not having rabbit.