Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm really inspired right now..and I want to do some REALLY creative tattoos. I have been bored lately with some of the tattoo ideas I have been hearing lately...but most of my clients are opening up more and putting their trust in my visions for art is unlimited...NEW ideas will never stop but a lot of people are wasting that vision...they try to stay INSIDE the box using common seen images. Even if the idea is very common, I have to think of a way to do it DIFFERENT every single time..for example, how many different ways can I do flowers and butterflies? Not saying butterflies and flowers are bad, but if you spend the money don't be afraid to REALLY use my mind and art to create something outside the goal for the OCT, NOV, & DEC appointments are to do more larger and more original pieces...I want to show other tattoo artists what I can REALLY do...I'm very inspired and I feel those last 3 months of appointments will be my BEST tattooing yet! So if you have an appointment on those 3 months, I promise you the work will be in styles you have yet seen from me...a rebirth of MB Tattooing

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