Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kat...we love u!

In my life I have met some really cool people..and I have also met some really fucked up people...the people who know me personally know I can not stand a negative person. I want NO part of gossip, rumors, or "negative" talk period (unless we clowning the police LOL)so I try to keep my circle small and surround myself with positive souls who make me SMILE, feel good inside, believe in me, and who chase their dreams in life. When we first moved City of Ink into Castleberry Hill almost 3 years ago. I met some really cool people in the area. It took me some time to open myself up to strangers. But this one lady stood out. She is a waitress at Slice and an inspiring actress with MANY talents. Everytime I walked in Slice, she had positive energy. Over the years I got to know this young lady, by the name "KAT" a lady of style, beauty and class...I rarely write about people I know outside of the business world, but last weekend was Kat's bday so me and Samba walked over to Slice to show our support and love for Kat. She has always supported City of Ink so we had to tell Kat "Happy Birthday" in person...Kat you help make the Castleberry Hill district a special place in Atlanta, and we honor you for that...I can't wait to see you on the big screen....follow those dreams sis, and work HARD...we love you and Happy B-day again sis....Miya Bailey

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