Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tattoo Film: Fundraiser

"Color Outside the Lines"

We have been working on this film for over a year... We are half way finished but I still have to film the lives of 12-14 more tattoo artist.... The way I'm paying for this movie is by traveling to different cities monthly tattooing....while I'm in their city we film the lives & struggles of other fellow black tattoo artists...I work 10-12 hours each day tattooing in each city and film the artist in the morning before or after work... It's VERY hard work and it do cost a LOT... If you would to support me on this film project... I have a few SPECIAL OFFERS... From original paintings to body art... Please visit:

Read "the Pledges" and please support what this film stands off... Wish dreams come true.. Many blessings and thank you, Miya Bailey

"Color Outside the Lines" INFO:

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