Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday FEB.25 @ City of Ink

Friday FEB.25, 2010 from 7pm-11pm

It's that time again!! It's City of Ink's 4th anniversary on Friday Feb.28... If you are an artist and want to be apart of this art show the deadline is Feb.20... I'm looking for artist who do NOT censor their art.. And who think out the box... Send samples to: or call me at 404-644-1912 (or text me)

After the art show.. We will be having a private screening of Corey Davis debut film "J is for Junkie" a film showing you the struggles & stories of downtown ATL's drug addicts... Very power!

Also we have 5000 flyers at City of Ink... We need all our family & supporters to drop by and pick some up... Please help spread the words about the art show & film... Thank you, Miya Bailey

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mr.soul:216 said...

it's FEBRUARY 25TH homie..change it so the people don't get confused.

FRIDAY, FEB. 25, 2011!

Star said...

How much is it to get in? Will the screening and opening reception be free?