Sunday, December 19, 2010

Miya Bailey tries Escargot in PARIS

SALE GOSSE 2 (shot by Corey Davis)

Yall dont even understand what this short video means to me...when I was going to Asheville High School I was always in one really understood my views on the world and how I wanted to see, taste, and feel new things...I always felt I was a KING even as a child....I would tell my teachers "Yall, will see one day I will be in Paris sipping wine with my pinky figure up like I'm rich" it might don't be a big deal to others...but it was a big deal to ME....when I say something out loud for others to hear..I will do what I said I will one can make me out to be a liar...I'm a MAN OF MY WORD and follow all my dreams like a MAN suppose to....from small to big goals...I did it and I want to do and see more....a ghetto nigga in Paris eatting crazy foods and drinking wine with Corey Davis and Samba Sillah...City of Ink is a LIFESTYLE!!! we live this shit!

SALE GOSSE 2 from Creative Control on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

hahaha.. love this video... cultured everywhere ya go!! yes yess