Thursday, November 27, 2008

The BEST Tattoo Shop in DC.....period!!!

There are alot of tattoo shops in DC, and I try to visit them all but one always stood out. It's VERY rare to find a professionally trained tattooist who can do HIGH QUALITY tattoos on black skin. Alot of the tattoos I seen on black people in DC were from those hood tattoo parties. I can't knock anyones hustle, if someone is dumb enough to let a dude come to their home and tattoo everyone for $40 thats all on them. But you don't have to do the DC tattoo party thing (which is very dangerous by the way) you can go to a SAFE and CLEAN place like Pinz-n-Needlez. They have affordable prices, every artist are REAL artist so they can get custom one of a kind tattoos. Thats the reason I only tattoo at Pinz-n-Needlez when I'm in DC, because they care about quality over Chris and his crew, their amazing!

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