Monday, October 6, 2008

15 City TATTOO TOUR '09

My manager has counted the polls....A few cities tied but here is my list. I did not include DC/Bmore, and Asheville because I'm always there tattooing so you KNOW I will be there often.

If your city DID NOT make this list, then you need to have the people on your friends list ADD me

Also putting me on your TOP 5 makes it easier for people to add me, so here is my email address:

1.) San Francisco
2.) Houston, LA, NY
3.)Charlotte, Philly, Detroit
4.) Miami
5.) Chicago, London
6.) Durham
7.)VA Beach, Boston

If you know of any tattoo conventions in your area that you think I should be apart of in 2009, send me that info and we will do our best to make it there.

Miya Bailey

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