Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Egypt Bailey

Today is one of my daughters birthday. Egypt Bailey is my second of 3 children and today she has turned 12 years old. Egypt is a creative soul like her brother, Prophet (8 years old) and don't take no shit from anyone like her older sister, Algeria (15 years old). I'm sitting in the hotel room now in Asheville, NC about to get dressed and run to the mall for a few more things she's in school right now so I have some free time. Might go visit some family after the mall. Can't wait to see Egypt, I miss my children alot since I work alot so when it's their time with daddy I do my best to give them the world...Happy bday Ms. E, daddy loves you!


N-Doe said...

Hey Miya! I'm curious as y the names chosen 4 ur children?

DaDa said...

Did u get to see our new nephew?

Miya Bailey said...

Dada I got to see lil' Logan...our new nephew is handsome...looks like his uncle..LOL