Saturday, February 21, 2009

God and War

I'm a warrior. I'm not the hardest man on Earth, but I'm no pussy. This o.g. told me, " Once you find your fear in life you have to leave the streets because when another nigga know your fear he will control your world." I thought about it and I didn't have any fears in life. I wasn't afraid of death, I wasn't afraid of pain..I felt heartless and animal like in the streets. My grandmothers prayed for me everyday, but with no father around to really show me how to me a man, I had to learn on my own, and I'm STILL leaning. This drawing is a reflect of the pain males go through not having a father to show them the way to manhood. To all the warriors, not because they want to be warriors but the hood made them warriors. I was an artist in a warrior surrounding forcing me to become cold and ONLY expressing my pain and hurt in my art. I never showed a woman ANY weakness. I always protected my family from snakes, and I was never afraid to lose my life for my pride, honor, or my word....times change and I grow older and wiser, the warrior is still there but the artist control this world now and not the streets...God has a plan for me, and War is no longer my mission.

My War Angel...I seen a FEW bootleg tattoos of my piece around ATL.


Assertive Wit said...

the one thing I've learned about people, just from watching and listening is that there is not a man or woman alive who is without might be hard to tell what it is but that's simply because they don't show any vulnerability to anyone....but like you said, getting older and wiser, it changes things. I learned the hard way that building up tough skin to where those who love you the most can't relate to you actually hurts you more than it helps...especially when you need them the most. I won't lie and say I am vulnerable to everyone but at least I know there are a couple people who can say I do have a heart....I just like to protect it.

Talking to you, I can say the're just very protective of what's most important to you.

Miya Bailey said...

I'm VERY protective of my family and my crew. All these new people want to hang with us now...alot of fakeness, so you have to be careful who you call "friends" or "family" my fear is out living my children and letting snakes break up my relationships with my wife and my brothers. I guess the street have it where I might think too much...but I don't understand why we attract people the way we do...all we do is

Assertive Wit said...

people like yourself are just personalities like that go a long way...where most people have to "try", you just "are"...not everyone has that quality about aint thinking too much; it's just thinking about what matters :)

Copasetic_Soul said...

"where most people have to "try", you just "are"...not everyone has that quality about aint thinking too much; it's just thinking about what matters :)"

Well said @Assertive Wit... I concur