Friday, February 20, 2009

Book an appointment using PAYPAL

To all my loyal clients who have been mailing me their deposits, those days are over....I will know be taking deposits for tattoo appointments using PAYPAL.

1.) Call City of Ink between the hours of 1pm-10pm. Samba (shop manager) will answer the phone and tell you what dates I still have left free for appointments.

2.) Once you have my free dates, tell Samba your spending budget and what date you will would for your tattoo appointment.

3.) Samba will tell you to go to: , there is a PAYPAL link on every page on the site. Just click the PAYPAL link and make your deposit using your debt or card credit.

4.) Once you have paid you deposit to hold your appointment, Samba will call you and confirmed that I got your payment.

5.) If you do NOT show up for your appointment (cancel without a phone call) or DON'T call letting me you will be late......there is no refund..and you will be placed on the Miya Bailey Banded list....if you can't make your appointment PLEASE call Samba a day or 2 in advance so he can fill the spot back up with another clients so I don't lose money.

PS...if you have an appointment NOW and having mailed in your deposits go to and make your payment now...Samba will call you back today to confirm your appointment

many blessings, Miya Bailey "City of Ink"

City of Ink
323 Walker Street (Castleberry Hill District)
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-525-4465 (1pm-10pm)

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